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Are you dealing with a business problem that you need urgent help with? If you don't want to dish out an unholy amount of money for a single consultation, drop by our Reshoper expert section and talk to some of the brightest minds in our industry.

They will provide insights into your problems and also advise on which exhibitor would be right for you. And all of that for free.

Zdeněk Dvořák - Linkbuilder

Linkbuilding for online stores

Zdenek has been working with links professionally since 2010. He has experience with small and giant websites, he regularly writes about linkbuilding. He enjoys looking for ideas on how to get links that everyone can't have. He is looking forward to helping you at Reshoper.

Martin Matějka - SEO consultant

SEO (not only) for online stores

Martin dedicated his worklife to SEO in 2004. He knows all the secrets and corners of this marketing discipline and likes to share his experience both on his blog or consulting lunches and within Reshoper. His clients include the biggest players in the field, so it's no wonder he has a lot of experience to share.

Karel Rujzl - PPC specialist and freelance marketing consultant

PPC for e‑shops: working with the agency and automation

Karel is a freelancer dedicated to marketing consulting and PPC management for medium and large e-shops. He tries to automate the campaigns as much as possible. Also, he trains and lectures. Karel will tell you how to get the most out of your PPC campaigns, how to work effectively with an agency and how to evaluate the campaigns. He'll add valuable tips how to make creating and managing your campaigns as easy as possible.

Jirka Chomát - Entrepreneur and e‑commerce consultant

Marketing and online business in general

A "change entrepreneur" and consultant - he has been working in e‑commerce for 20 years and he's now helping businesses to grow online. In close cooperation with his clients, he designs and implements changes in business, digital products, service design, brands and marketing strategy. Because change is needed all the time. Nonstop.

Honza Kvasnička - UX Designer

Improving e-shop performance

Honza is engaged in UX, web usability, increasing conversion rates, and designing, building and testing web applications. He cooperates with leading companies especially in the field of e‑commerce. He is a promoter of the idea of "Don't make users think." He is known for his emphasis on practice, efficiency and evaluation. He will show you samples and patterns ready for you to use in practice the day after Reshoper. Honza will not be in the counseling zone all the time because he is also lecturing at the conference.

Michal Hanych - CEO SimpleTax & SimpleLaw

High-level law and taxes

Michal is both a lawyer and a tax adviser. He enjoys doing business more than consulting and he is advising clients to help their businesses to prosper. He owns the tax consulting company SimpleTax and he is a partner of SimpleLaw. Michal has a narrow industry specialization and his clients are in the field of digital business. He advises on strategic business matters, acquisitions, disputes, exits and international taxation. Michal is not afraid to solve problems related to new technologies and understands that reality is different from written law.

Lukas Mehnert - CMO in Smartlook

Marketing tools

Born in Berlin, Lukas started out as a network administrator, but for years he has been fully dedicated to online marketing. He joined online space in 2006 as a webmaster, tried several job positions and then moved to Kentico in Brno. He currently works as a CMO for the Smartlook - analytics tool used by customers in more than 90 countries. He loves all the online marketing tools and tactics that push business forward and, while still considering PPC as a top marketing channel, he likes to experiment with new opportunities. Last year he celebrated its first 100 million crowns spent in B2B and B2C online campaigns.

Petra Stupková - Lawyer at Legitas

Brand protection, schwartzsystem and problems with employees

Petra has completely fallen for the law in e‑commerce. She helps clients to cope with growth in the market where they face a number of legal barriers. She will advice you how to protect your brand in the context of current trends in online marketing. She covers her clients' backs in domain disputes, unfair practices in PPC advertising, or even on social media channels. She understands that working with people in e‑commerce is very specific and therefore intensively devotes herself to setting up collaboration with freelancers and the risks of the schwartzsystem. Stop for advice, useful checklists and sample contracts.

Pavel Pola - E‑mailing enthusiast at Etnetera Activate

Smart e‑mailing for e‑shops

Pavel helps large and small clients with their e‑mail campaigns. His goal is to reduce the amount of "spam" that e‑shops spew on their customers every day, using untargeted and unpersonalized campaigns. He ensures that your e‑mail campaigns will produce the desired results, and helps you to find the right setup. His favorite line is "non‑delivered e‑mail sells nothing" - feel free to talk to him about whether your e‑mails ever arrive in the recipient mailboxes.

Michal Krutiš - Online strategy specialist

Marketing strategy for online store

Michal helps clients define target groups, main messages, and brand pillars. He creates marketing strategies for e-shops, B2B and B2C companies. He also helps them set up processes, recruit people, and evaluate KPIs. You can discuss with him prioritizing tasks in your marketing plan. He started as an SEO consultant in 2003, founded, and managed marketing of several companies. He founded the project.

Petra Dolejšová - eLegal law firm

Copyrights, unfair competition and privacy policy

Petra specializes in marketing, media, GDPR and copyright law. She is able to talk about law in a human, interesting and understandable way. Petra has trained thousands of start-ups as well as experienced entrepreneurs in her practice and can give practical advice on how to set up an e‑shop and not to worry about copyright infringement, unfair competition or personal data protection.

Andrea Pavelcová - eLegal law firm

Return policy and contracts with influencers

Andrea moved from an SEO agency to advocacy. In eLegal she deals with consumer law and influencer marketing law. She helps clients with terms and conditions for their e‑shops, the customer's complaints as well as the whole website. With her help you don't have to worry about inspections from the authorities. In marketing, Andrea deals with relationships and contracts between companies and influencers.

Petr Handlíř - Facebook Marketing Specialist

Facebook ads for online stores

Petr started to advertise on Facebook at the age of 19 - generating millions in income for his e-shop every month. At that time he understood how business works and how a company can succeed with Facebook ads. Today, he takes care of campaigns for clients such as Brašnářství Tlustý, Parfumerie Fann, and Vasky. At Reshoper, Peter will advise you on how to get what your real goal is from Facebook promotion. Whether it's shopping, submitted forms, or "just" high‑quality traffic.

Radek Hrachovec - Specialist in loyalty programs

Loyalty programs

Radek has been devoted to loyalty programs for twenty years and his professional career is permanently linked with this field. He was given a unique chance to devise and launch the Baťa club, which he took care of until 2010. Now, as a freelancer, Radek shares his extensive experience through consultations, workshops and tailor‑made complete projects. He is a regular jury member of The Loyalty Awards in London. Over the years, he has accumulated a great deal of information about hundreds of different loyalty programs from around the world and put it in a publicly accessible database at

Petra Větrovská - PPC specialist

Improving performance of PPC campaigns

Petra is a freelancer managing PPC campaigns in the e‑commerce segment for a long time. She works for companies providing external audits of PPC campaigns. Petra also writes a PPC advertising guide for PPC specialists - called At Reshoper, she will advise you on how to improve your campaign performance and efficiency.

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